Material Atex 114 (95) and IECEx 

The demand for ATEX approved devices increases. Manufacturers are being forced to adapt the equipment to the requirements of their customers.

The ATEX 114 (95) directive lays down requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This guideline describes the general security goals. The specific requirements are contained in harmonized standards.

To obtain a ATEX 114 (95) approved device LHS Consultants drafted standard modules. There are some key points:

  • determination of the category for the device
  • perform a risk analysis on the device with regard to explosion
  • standards investigation
  • engineering technical measures
  • preparation of the organizational measures for the user manual
  • preparation of the technical construction file 
  • certification process by a notified body

To get a first impression of the consequences of the application of the ATEX 114 (95) directive, we developed the ATEX 114 (95) quickscan. 

Read more on the ATEX 114 (95) quickscan. 

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